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Akashic Records Guided Tarot Reading

  • Yes & No questions.
  • Past , Present , Future Direction and Guidance.
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Akashic Records Reading and Healing

  • Clarity on certain situation , relationships , Business
  • Demystifying Black magic/ witch craft or evil eye.
  • Healthcare (Body , mind , soul love )
  • Spiritual abundance
  • Ancestral Healing & release
  • Messages/ communication with departed souls.
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Past Life healing: Part of Akashic Records

  • Exploring Past life Gifts
  • Living peacefully in the here and now.
  • Dream Interpretation and healing.
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Property Healing

  • Healing Business space , office , Home for
    Energies tend to absorb in the earth element
  • Abundane of wealth ,prosperty , client attraction.
  • Removing unwanted energies in the space
    Shielding and protection
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Usui , Karuna and Angelic Reiki Energy Healing

  • Mental and physical wellbeing
  • Chakra alignment
  • Aura Reading and prevention of diseases
  • Music therapy Emotional release 

Animal Reiki

  • Calming your pet
  • Communication with them
  • Chakra alignment
  • Healing the disease condition
  • Locate if your pet is lost.

"Connect with Your Divine Purpose and Transform Your Life Through the Akashic Records​"

– Renuka

Our Expert Practitioners

Our team is led by two passionate founders who have a wealth of experience and expertise in their respective fields.

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Renuka became a certified Reiki healer at an early age, as she was into healing, she received unique messages and the solutions to the issues which proved helpful for many. To know more about the source of messages she took certification course in the Akashic Records reading and healing. She is a passionate healer and a mentor. In her free time, she chooses to teach her healing techniques.

Through accessing the Akashic Records, she’s able to help u gain a deeper understanding of your soul’s journey and purpose. Whether you are looking for healing or guidance, she’s here to support you on your path. With the divine Akashic guidance she will help release the things that bother you the most. She’s an expert in lifting the negative energies and providing overall wellbeing and peace. As a part of healing she will provide personalized Akashic guided affirmations.

Moreover, her expertise in Crystal healing and Angelic Reiki has helped individuals transform life in a positive way.

All in all, our sincere Gratitude for choosing Earth mind body.


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Parag Kate

Managing Director

His approach to Tarot readings is through Akashic records and his intuitive powers. He strives to create a safe and welcoming space for all his clients.

His passion for Tarot began when he was studying in medicine school wherein he was able to read and provide solutions to his mates and since then he dedicated himself to helping others unlock the mysteries of their future.

He uses a variety of Tarot decks and spreads to create personalized readings that are tailored to each client’s unique journey which entail yes , no questions too.

Are you ready to Align Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with the Magic of the Tarot  YES

Then we look forward to connecting with you and helping you explore the possibilities of your future through the Tarot and Akashic Records reading and healing.

Why Akashic Records?

The first step to solve the issue at hand is to know it’s root cause, Akashic Records will help find and heal the situation or issue.

  1. Gaining insight: Akashic Records work can offer deeper insight into one’s soul’s journey, purpose, and potential by exploring past lives, soul contracts, and spiritual gifts.
  2. Healing and Growth: Through accessing the Akashic Records, one can identify and release blockages, patterns or traumas that may be holding them back from reaching their highest potential, and work towards healing and growth.
  3. Understanding relationships: Relationships can also be explored through the Akashic Records, to understand the deeper purpose and dynamics of one’s relationships with others.
  4. Spiritual Guidance: The Akashic Records can help individuals receive spiritual guidance and support from their guides, helping them align with their highest path and purpose in life.
  5. Empowerment: Akashic Records work can help individuals gain a greater sense of empowerment and clarity in their lives, by revealing their soul-level gifts, strengths, and potential.


Overall, Akashic Records work can be a powerful tool for self-exploration and personal growth, offering insight and guidance on one’s soul’s journey and purpose.

What to expect from Akashic Records Reading and Healing?

Experience profound healing and transformation with an Akashic Records consultation. Its a one hour session. We conduct it online on Zoom or google meet platform. This session includes
> Akashic guided personalised affirmations
> Energy clearing
> Lifting dark energies
> Release blockages

"Unveiling the Mysteries: Client Stories of Akashic Record Readings"

Sharon Miner, Canada

Sharda Bahl, India

Jill Vancouver Canada

Dolores Favel Regina Canada

Poirier Joseph Quebec Canada

Linda Washington BC

Ida England Europe

Sherri Regina Canada

Shandra New York

I did Akashik reading with Renuka a few years ago. And then did it again in 2023 while I was looking for direction with love and life. To say the least, it was magical to know of and heal the connections and energies I have lived with. I have always had this fear of "not being able to see" so much so that I have never played a game with blindfolds even as a kid. Renuka was able to release that past life energy and my eyes have a new life right after the reading. Couldn't be more grateful to have known her.
Neha Bahl
One of my friends recommended me a healing known as the Akashic Records.. I had no clue what this is all about. After connecting with Renuka she walked me through the process, answered all the doubts I had about the healing process and finally I went through a session with Her and it was surely a life changing experience for me. Immediately I started having positive vibes and energy in session itself . It helped me get my professional, family, and personal life to the next level. I am glad to come across such an amazing healing. I highly suggest to have a reading and healing with Renuka.
Shilpa Kasar
I wanted to get a reading done long time from someone ! I was so drawn to Renuka. She’s so gentle and kind. The Reading gave me so much clarity it was lovely. I had long standing issues in my personal life, physical health! Renuka could find out my the exact cause and it resonated so well. In that session she did my inner child healing, released past lives and some of my ancestors. I also had a chance to communicate with my loved one who’s no more now. I honour her gift and I feel happy and grounded now ! I do have so much to write about Akashic healing but ….. THIS IS THE BEST INVESTMENT THAT I HAVE MADE IN MYSELF, I TURLY RECOMMEND RENUKA AND GIVE A CHANCE TO EXPERIENCE THIS MAGICK I can’t wait for another session… Heartfelt Gratitude Renuka
Wera Storz
I am thankful to Renuka Mulajker for removing and releasing me from this Black magic and negative influences from people in a subtle way. I was a victim of witchcraft since many years, every new and full moon I used to be sick and had no confidence. After having 2 sessions of the Akashic’s Healing I don’t fall sick anymore and started to gain confidence slowly. I feel happy now. Renuka Mulajker has powers from higher fields and she can remove this, if anyone’s victim of this kinda energy I highly recommend Her for this work in particular. Thank you for doing healing for me & my family and releasing all of us from this never ending cruel energies. Highly recommended 🙌🏻
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